Sunday, November 17, 2013

For These Things I Pray

Dear Banks, 

There are no words to describe how happy you make me and how very much you fill my heart every day. You are a growing boy, so jubilant and full of life, and while your high energy level can certainly be tiring for those of us who lack the same full-throttle-all-day-every-day momentum, it is an inspiration to see how very much you love life and how you truly live each day for the fullest. For you, my sweet boy, I pray the following things today: 

...that you will maintain your love of the Lord always and forever. That you will continue to ask faith-based questions as you do each day, that you will grow in your spirituality, and that you will remember that yes, sweet boy, Jesus will always live in your heart. 

...that you will maintain your curious and inquisitive nature, never stalling in your love of learning. 

...that you will continue to be a good friend to all of those around you, as your teachers share with Daddy and me that you are in school each day, and that you will be an example of what it means to be a loyal friend who strives to make good choices.

...that you will always love to play with your sister as much as you do now, that you will protect her, look out for her, and live your life still considering her your best friend.

...that you will be passionate about the things you are interested in: whether it is all things football as it is today, or whatever else it may be that peaks your interest in the future. 

...that you will continue to live life to the fullest, searching for joy and happiness from the moment you wake up until the time those heavy eyelids close at day's end.

...that you will learn from your mistakes, accept apologies when others make mistakes, and allow yourself and others to grow from them.

...that you will always, ALWAYS know how very lucky and blessed I am that I get to live my life being your Momma. 


Dear Raleigh, 

Oh, sweet girl, how much joy, light, and love you bring into the lives of all those who are lucky enough to meet you! You radiate sunshine and make me so proud, even during those trying moments when you test limits and fiercely exert your independence. There are just no words for how very much I adore you, Raleigh Jane. For you, my lovely girl, I pray the following things today:

...that you will always be so affectionate and loving with your family, reminding us daily how important it is to say, "I love you," every chance we get and relish in the moments we have together. 

...that you will never lose your independent spirit nor your willingness to try new things. Whether it be proudly attempting new skills in gymnastics or smiling with glee as you sail down the high slide at the bounce house, your bravery is inspiring.

...that you maintain your devotion to your big brother, laughing with delight as you follow in his footsteps, while always knowing he will look out for you and protect you.

...that you will continue to flourish in your language and music abilities, reminding those around you of the joy of conversation as well as the happiness that music can bring, especially when singing "Jingle Bells" year round.

...that you build a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ and continue to show interest in saying prayers, singing the blessing, and learning new Christian songs. 

...that you always retain your motherly, nurturing characteristics, showing empathy for those around you who may be hurting and attempting to make their "boo-boos" feel better, however that may be. 

...that you never, ever forget that you are my best pal and that I thank the good Lord with everything I've got for blessing me with my beautiful baby girl, whom I get to spend my life with.